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The holidays are supposed to be a joyful event for all, but there are some seniors that are raising their grandchildren and seniors that have medical issues which  are in need of extra special help. This is very tough to do on a limited fixed income. Many times our seniors go without medicine during the holiday season just so they can participate with their families and have some dignity during the holidays.  Here at Holiday Hope each year we are able to provide Food, Quilts, Hygiene items, Toys and more. With this help, seniors  are not put into a situation where they have to choose most needed medicine or a nice holiday. Many seniors only live on the memories of the past family holiday events. 

Holiday Hope's  senior program was designed for seniors that are on a fixed income, need that little extra help for the holidays but don't want to bother anyone or ask for help. Our seniors are proud people, they built the path before us and carry the wisdom of life. This is why they go without so many things during the holidays. Sometimes they are just alone and have no family to celebrate with now, when once the house was filled with laughter, family, food and gifts. Holiday Hope's mission is to bring back the joy and magic of the holiday season for seniors.