Our Mission

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful event for all, but for seniors on a fixed income, seniors that are raising their grandchildren and seniors that have medical issues, the joy in the holidays is just not there.  Holiday Hope’s mission each year is to be able to provide Food, Quilts, Hygiene items, and more to our seniors in need. 

There are many families that fall between the poverty levels and the lower middle class that are not eligible for benefits. Holiday Hope mission is to help those that fall between those levels so their families can have a Magical Holiday 


Who We Are

                                 Holiday Elves

We are the holiday elves that have been in your shoes and know how it is to be stuck at just right above the poverty line but below that comfort level of survival. So we strive in helping those that are stuck in that situation. Most families survive and get out of that level of status and those are the ones that come back to volunteer. 

Holiday Hope is a 501(C) (3) Nonprofit that focuses on the December Holiday Season. Even though the holiday season is in the twelfth month of the year, it takes all year long to prepare and get ready for that one Special Holiday. Holiday Hope, donators and volunteers work eleven months out of the year to prepare for that special day! Starting in the New Year, the holiday hope board members meet to make their projected plan for the following holiday season which is eleven months away.


  1. Donate

    Help others less fortunate to  have a Magical Holiday Season

  2. Volunteer

    Volunteer your time at a Holiday event.

  3. Behind the scenes
    Join our team that picks up donations of fabric, get quilts, and deliver Quilts.