Holiday Hope

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Portland, Oregon 97290



Thank you, Holiday Hope, for helping us with the toys this year for all Eleven children from a combined family. This really means a lot to us for your help and generosity. 


​The Staff at the Adventist CCU department wants to thank Holiday Hope for cheering up their patients with a new Quilt to go home with while recuperating from Heart Surgery. The toys under the tree made the children that came to visit a loved one so happy. The children even got to take the gifts home. This brought some holiday cheer into our unit. 

LEL, Cardiac RN

​I cannot express enough thanks to Holiday Hope for all the things they provided my family with for the holidays. This would have been the first Christmas we wouldn't have celebrated because we fell on hard times. What a blessing it was to find Holiday Hope at the last minute when we had given up hope.


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