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Quilts of love program was inspired by one of the Holiday Hope Founders, who was a patient at the Adventist Cardio Vascular Unit. Together with the charge nurse the two of them came up with "Quilts of Love". There is nothing more depressing than to be in the hospital during the holiday season. It creates a lot of stress trying to still get ready for the holidays and being "under the weather" so to speak.  During the month of December the unit has a small decorated tree which unwrapped toys are underneath and stuffed animals hang from the tree. These are available to the children/grandchildren of the patients, and they are able to take a toy home with them. This helps the children to be occupied while visiting a patient with their family.  The toys can also be gifted to kids and grandkids whose parents or grandparents are confined in the hospital and didn't have time to do their holiday shopping. 

The patients, while recuperating receive a beautiful full size quilt. The quilts bring warmth and love to the patients. The quilts also bring a little bit of the home atmosphere to their rooms, which is great for healing.  Older patients  have a tendency to get chilled easier, a quilt is just perfect for them to feel the warmth and love. Quilts are available all year long for the patients not just the holidays! 

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