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There are many ways to show your support. Below are just a few examples of how you can help our Seniors in need. 

Holiday Toys 

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Every donation counts! We even take donations for clean left over material so that the lovely ladies at the Highland Lutheran Church can turn the material into  beautiful quilts for those in need. Cotton/Flannel Material works the best for keeping those in need warm for the winter.

Even though Holiday Hope's Giving is mainly  for the December  Holiday Season, it takes a full year to prepare for all our clients needs during the Holiday Season. From the very young to the very old. We are blessed with the  many volunteers, community supporters and caring people just like yourself to help us bring joy to our community for those in need. 

Donate Today

to help someone in need for the 2019 Holiday Season! 

Children of all ages just love toys. Toys have been around for centuries and of course all the holiday stories, movies and specials seem to have some sort of toys in them. Seniors raising their grandchildren find it hard to make ends meet and go without to make sure their grandchildren have the best they can give. This is call unconditional love from the grandparents. There are times when the grandparents need that little extra help, but are to proud to ask for it. Holiday Hope is there to help those grandparents to every child has a toy for the holidays. 

​Holiday Hope with the help from their local supporters are able to fulfill the need of toys for the holiday season. From bicycles to building blocks, Dolls to stuffed animals. Even the smallest of toys light up a child's face during the holidays.  

​Even with the help of the local supporters there are times that Holiday Hope gets a  special request for a certain toy. This request comes from families that just can't afford something that would help the child learn and grow. There are children out there that have disabilities or special needs children, they need different types of toys to help them learn and grow. 

​                      The toy drives do their best and many people donate, but the donations are general donations. So this is where you come in                       and are able to help, by donating to the "Special Toy Drive Fund" so Holiday Hope can purchase the toys for our special 

​                      needs children. This not only includes toys but therapy gifts such as horseback, science, outdoor sessions, or many more                             special needs programs. Be a part of the special hope program that Holiday Hope offers.

​                                                                        Donate today!  for the 2019 Holiday Season

​                                                        Mark your donation "Special Toy Drive Fund"