There are so many families that fall into the cracks of the agencies that are designed to help. They are either a few dollars over the poverty level guidelines, or do not meet the agencies requirements. These are hard working adults doing the best they can to make ends meet each month and still struggle. These types of families make up a large percentage of the USA’s population.

Holiday Hope is here to help those families by providing a “TOY DISTRIBUTION” event where they can come and pick out toys for their children. This helps them keep their dignity and feel good about themselves instead of feeling in despair over the holidays. It is so delightful to have families making new friends with others that come to the event and being able to provide for their children. It is hard for a young child to return after the holiday break only to have all the other children talking about what they received and that child receiving nothing.

Holiday Hope brings the “Magical” back into the holidays for those families.

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