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Every donation counts! We even take donations for clean left over material so that the lovely ladies at the Highland Lutheran Church can turn the material into  beautiful quilts for those in need. Cotton/Flannel Material works the best for keeping those in need warm for the winter.

Even though Holiday Hope's Giving is mainly  for the December  Holiday Season, it takes a full year to prepare for all our clients needs during the Holiday Season. From the very young to the very old. We are blessed with the  many volunteers, community supporters and caring people just like yourself to help us bring joy to our community for those in need. 

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Sign up with your Fred Meyer or QFC card and link your card to Holiday Hope! This is a great way to also help during Holiday Hope all year long. Every time you shop Fred Meyers donates to Holiday Hope! Share this information with your friends and Family.

Holiday Hope's Family program is very important. During the holidays it can be very stressful when you have a spouse that lost their job, a health issue, a parent that gets sick,  a single parent, even a death in the family can change things immensely. These unexpected things that occur can put a lot of stress on the families. Much less trying to explain to your children why the holiday season will be different this year in your home. It really is not about all the material items you get during the holidays it is about family. Children do not understand how things like this can effect everything in a whole. Sometimes this pushes people to a state of depression and feeling like a failure that they can't provide for their family. They feel like no one understands. 

​                                                  This is why it is so important to help the families in crisis during the holiday season. 

Mark your donation for "Families"


Every year, Christmas has been a struggle for me as a parent especially since my mom passed away because she always made my stockings and stuffers as well as purchasing gifts for the kids and myself.   We always do our best as parents but not without a little help at times and during Christmas especially. We as a family were very lucky to stumble upon Holiday Hope this year.  All the food to last two weeks, hygiene items, quilts and toys for the children was very much appreciated to help our family.  The games turned out the best because we could do it all as a family on Christmas morning. Holiday Hope was just that, a little hope that we could open gifts and eat as a family for Christmas as well. I can’t thank the volunteer staff and volunteers enough at Holiday Hope for their help in making our family’s Christmas more enjoyable and less stressful for me as a single parent of four kids.

~ Kathleen

Family Programs