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Applications for all services are closed for the 2019 Holiday Season.

Thank you for applying, you will receive an email in December regarding where and when you can pick up  your items that you have been approved to receive.  

Holiday Hope is a 501(C) (3) Nonprofit that focuses on the December Holiday Season. Even though the holiday season is in the twelfth month of the year, it takes all year long to prepare and get ready for that one Special Holiday. Holiday Hope, donators and volunteers work eleven months out of the year to prepare for that special day! Starting in the New Year, the holiday hope board members meet to make their projected plan for the following holiday season which is eleven months away.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful event for all, but some seniors, seniors that are raising their grandchildren and seniors that have medical issues  are in need of extra special help. This is very tough to do on a limited fixed income. Many times our seniors go without medicine during the holiday season just so they can participate with their families and have some dignity during the holidays.  Here at Holiday Hope each year we are able to provide Food, Quilts, Hygiene items, Toys and more. With this help, seniors  are not put into a situation where they have to choose most needed medicine or a nice holiday. 

Holiday Hope is  able to do this with the help of the community, local stores, local organizations and many volunteers that bring together joy and happiness for  seniors in need.

Your generous donation makes our work possible to help a senior during the holidays!  Become a part of the Holiday Hope Family and donate today! 

Helping  Seniors In Our Community

 Statistics on Grandparents raising their grandchildren

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In the U.S. alone, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Statistics has been very alarming. Census data presents that about 2.4 million grandparents are now raising 4.5 million grandchildren. Studies also show that despite commitment and love, grandparents still experienced many challenges along the way.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Statistics | Occupy Theory
Although it is never really the ideal situation, some grandparents find that they need to raise their grandchildren because the parents of those children are not in a position to do. Sometimes it is because of financial circumstances and sometimes it is because of unsafe circumstances in the parent’s home because of drug abuse. Whatever the case may be, more grandparents than ever before are stepping up to the plate?

Across the United States, more than 13 million children are living in homes with their grandparents.
Are Grandparents Finding the Support That They Need?
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

This means that 2.5 million grandparents every day are taking on the responsibilities required to raise these children. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other relatives in the picture that are providing support, but there are 1 million kids today that have their grandparents has their sole parental influences while growing up.

·        2.7 million Grandparents are raising grandchildren.

·        One-fifth of grandparents have incomes that fall below the poverty line.

·        21% of grandparents who are taking care of their grandkids are living below the poverty line.

This is only a small bit of information regarding Grandparents raising their grandchildren. These grandparents give up a lot for the grandchildren and they do so without complaining. The love and caring to raise these children are at 100%, the grandparents did this once and gave up a lot of things to raise their own family and now they are doing it all over again! This is called unconditional love!

  • This is why Holiday Hope wants to help the grandparents out!  Help us in our mission and become a part of the Holiday Hope Family.