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Every donation counts! We even take donations for clean left over material so that the lovely ladies at the Highland Lutheran Church can turn the material into  beautiful quilts for those in need. Cotton/Flannel Material works the best for keeping those in need warm for the winter.

Quilts of love program was inspired by one of the Holiday Hope Founders, who was a patient at the Adventist Cardio Vascular Unit. Together with the charge nurse the two of them came up with "Quilts of Love". There is nothing more depressing than to be in the hospital during the holiday season. It creates a lot of stress trying to still get ready for the holidays and being "under the weather" so to speak.  During the month of December the unit has a small decorated tree which unwrapped toys are underneath and stuffed animals hang from the tree. These are available to the children/grandchildren of the patients, and they are able to take a toy home with them. This helps the children to be occupied while visiting a patient with their family.  The toys can also be gifted to kids and grandkids whose parents or grandparents are confined in the hospital and didn't have time to do their holiday shopping.  The patients receive a beautiful full size quilt. The quilts bring warmth and love to the patients. The quilts also bring a little bit of the home atmosphere to their rooms, which is great for healing.  Older patientshave a tendency to get chilled easier so quilts are given out October - April  when the weather still has a chill in the air. 

Christmas Candle

Seniors in Need 

Senior Programs

Holiday Hope has a Senior program for needy Seniors to apply for  help during the holidays. With consideration for special needs their holiday baskets are prepared with their needs in mind. Depending on the situation it might be a single person or a couple. 


EXAMPLE: They might need their turkey to come in slices, so the elves at Holiday Hope get deli cut slices of turkey or ham for them. 

​Food baskets will usually last a senior couple for about one week. This helps them also because it is the end of the month and making money stretch before their next SS check is sometimes hard. 

Sign up with your Fred Meyer or QFC card and link your card to Holiday Hope! This is a great way to also help during Holiday Hope all year long. Every time you shop Fred Meyers donates to Holiday Hope! Share this information with your friends and Family.

Quilts of Love! 

Even though Holiday Hope's Giving is mainly  for the December  Holiday Season, it takes a full year to prepare for all our clients needs during the Holiday Season. From the very young to the very old. We are blessed with the  many volunteers, community supporters and caring people just like yourself to help us bring joy to our community for those in need. 

Donate Today, to help someone in need for the 2018 Holiday Season!